Monoprint I 2022


A title for this piece has not yet arrived, but might turn into one in my tree series. The tree itself is one that I can see from my work space, it’s a gigantic alder growing at the edge of what was a large pond many years ago. I stopped myself going further – I have a tendency to stuff an image with too many details, now you can, if necessary, complete the image yourself.

Icon I


Icon I has now been moved from a work in process to a finished drawing. It is a progression from ideas I had way back with images of trees depicted as entities to be revered, in these times it seems more appropriate than ever. At the time I tried using coloured pencils to create a luminous background but was not happy with the result. Since then I have used gold printmaking colour for my linocuts and had the idea to go back to my thoughts on trees as icons. So in Icon I (which started as a monoprint) the shape of the trees were worked out using the printmaking colour.


Operan (120 x 100 cm)

The inspiration for this work was a photo of a storm cloud hovering over the archipelago outside Stockholm. However, as the work progressed the cloud turned into water and I decided to heighten the ‘wateriness’ with each layer of acrylic paint. This was done by adding very diluted paint and tilting the canvas to steer the colour over the surface.