Blue roots

Blue roots 96×72 cm

Came across this watercolour/drawing when looking through works that I have at home in Sweden. Although it is part of a large group of ‘fur’-like drawings I like it because its landscape qualities, combined with hints of human/animal bodies, sets it apart from other works. The pools of ‘water’, I think, are quite delicate and seeps into the fur which is undulating, maybe following an underlying mountain range.

Fluid I


So moving on from Wave, which was painted on a loose piece of canvas, this smaller work is on a stretched frame. Working by manipulating very runny acrylic paint and letting it dry between the application of different hues, I placed the stretcher on the floor by a window and, with the sun shining through, noticed that the mullions cast a lovely shadow which added depth to the painting. I quickly grabbed a brush and thinned Payne’s Grey and captured the shadow. Several layers later this is the end result.


Operan (120 x 100 cm)

The inspiration for this work was a photo of a storm cloud hovering over the archipelago outside Stockholm. However, as the work progressed the cloud turned into water and I decided to heighten the ‘wateriness’ with each layer of acrylic paint. This was done by adding very diluted paint and tilting the canvas to steer the colour over the surface.