Operan II

Operan II

A wave, although this looks rather abstract as a result of my scrunching of the canvas. Same technique as the previous two, very diluted acrylic paint applied wet on wet in many layers. I was lucky in that I could use the fantastic space of Brevens Hjärta (https://www.facebook.com/www.brevenshjarta.se/) and be able to move the comparatively large canvas around on the floor in order to force the paint to run and settle where I wanted it to. The building is old with an uneven floor so tilting the canvas just so was acheived by inserting brushes of various sizes under the board onto which the canvas was stapled. I found that the paint separated into layers of pigment so coming back in the morning to inspect the result of the drying process was exciting!

Blue water

Blue Water 95×72 cm

from the long-running ‘Fur’ series which started in 2002 as a reaction to the photo of a mouse with a human ear growing out of its back. My question was/is – what can ‘nature’ do to protect itself from humans and their destructive bent? My thought was for a combination of capacities – imaginary collaborations between creatures and their environments.

A review in the Turpsbanana Magazine (https://www.turpsbanana.com/) about an exhibition of watercolours by Barbara Nicholls (https://www.barbaranicholls.co.uk/) made me look again at this work.