Quick sketches of artists on the Louisiana Channel

I came across the Danish video channel Louisiana Channel (http://channel.louisiana.dk/) where artists talk about their work and what inspires them. Most interviews seems to have been recorded in their studios which adds to the ‘background’ so to speak. Have a look – they are very inspiring!

The images above are quick sketches where I tried to create a likeness whilst the artists were talking. Sometimes I had to play parts of the video several times before I put a stop to the excersise. And this is what they are – learning how to see and make my hand copy what I observe.


Procrastination is something I’m battling. I had the intention this morning of starting something new in oil – and then I took out this piece and started ‘fiddling’. It had to stop and this is it. It’s been toned down and hope, in the shape of green, was added. Thorns, as some sort of weapon (and absolutely not with any religious intentions) is another theme that I seem to be addicted to.

Blue water

Blue Water 110×64 cm

from the long-running ‘Fur’ series which started in 2002 as a reaction to the photo of a mouse with a human ear growing out of its back. My question was/is – what can ‘nature’ do to protect itself from humans and their destructive bent? My thought was for a combination of capacities – imaginary collaborations between creatures and their environments.

A review in the Turpsbanana Magazine (https://www.turpsbanana.com/) about an exhibition of watercolours by Barbara Nicholls (https://www.barbaranicholls.co.uk/) made me look again at this work.