Another monotype (61×45 cm) – trees are a recurring theme. Did you know that trees can communicate and send nutritioun using the mycelia they are connected to? The mycelia/aboreal internet. Not only that – they favour their ‘offspring’ rather then assist just any saplings in the neighbourhood! These trees are swinging together – connected above ground.

RED Buds

‘Red Buds’ is the title of the work from which a detail is used as a banner at the top of the front page. It is a monotype which is a type of one-off print. I made it by covering an acrylic sheet in blockprinting ink and watercolour paint and then pressing the sheet onto paper. Other than choosing colours and where to add them the initial print is not planned – the colours will run and seep into each other. Once the print had dried I used coloured pencils to accentuate forms and create an ‘image’. ‘Red Buds’ measure 61×46 cm.


The aim with this blog is to expose my art to ‘the world’. Hopefully I will receive some echoes from the www in the form of comments (preferably from non-trolls) – so please ‘post’ away!

The plan is to regularly upload work and write something about the process making it and the thoughts/inspiration behind. This will also enable me to over time add a portfolio of images without going through the process of creating a website just now. So initially there will be a lot of posts!