Loss (63×45 cm approx)

This monoprint took a while to get going – the stark contrast between the red and black and the middle part with little in the way of openings didn’t give me any hints of where to start. But this impenetrable surface eventually steered me towards using the central enclosed space as an area from which tentacles/veins could flow out and into. I wanted also to keep the work ‘organic’ and tactile. At the end of the process I toned down the red slightly although the colour is still a ‘bit in you face’.

Quick sketches of artists on the Louisiana Channel


I came across the Danish video channel Louisiana Channel (http://channel.louisiana.dk/) where artists talk about their work and what inspires them. Most interviews seems to have been recorded in their studios which adds to the ‘background’ so to speak. Have a look – they are very inspiring!

The images above are quick sketches where I tried to create a likeness whilst the artists were talking. Sometimes I had to play parts of the video several times before I put a stop to the excersise. And this is what they are – learning how to see and make my hand copy what I observe.